Demonstration Page

  1. For Client Login:
    Please click the round button at the bottom right.
  2. For Operator Login:
    Login Information as below:


  1. I try to login James according to Demonstration Page, but I can not login.

    There is currently other person is using this demonstration. Please wait for a while and retry.

  2. I receive message of [Can not establish connection with server. You must run this with real domain on internet.]

    SuguAsk verifies the URL of your browser. If you try to run SuguAsk from your local machine, it will not work.
    Please run SuguAsk from a real website on the internet.

  3. I access this page thru smartphone (Android or iOS), but I can not make Audio or Video Call.

    This is not a bug/flaw of SuguAsk. SuguAsk is built based on WebRTC technology. Currently only desktop PC's Chrome and Firefox fully supports WebRTC.

  4. Operator makes audio/video call to client and the client has clicked "Answer", but the call is not being established. Why?

    This is a security specification of the browser. Browser must use HTTPS to start audio or video call. Your URL must be something like "".

  5. I use the latest Firefox/Chrome to do the demo test. Sending text can be done but audio and voice call are not possible. Why?

    Did you try it on same browser in different tabs? Some OS does not allow sharing same audio and video source. Please try it on two different browsers, if possible from two different PC.

This page is designed to best shown using PC browsers.